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Terms and Conditions

All equipment supplied, just bring yourselves. Please arrive a few minutes before the class begins. Once the class has started entrance is not possible.

By booking/attending a class you understand and agree to the following access, health and safety information:


Please check with your doctor before beginning yoga classes.

Injuries you have
At the beginning of each class you will be asked if you have any new/existing injuries or new/existing illnesses, it is essential to disclose this information.

Illnesses and medical conditions
If you have an illness or medical condition, it is essential to disclose this information.

If you are pregnant and wishing to take a yoga class, it is advised to seek out a specific pregnancy yoga class and check with your doctor about starting yoga in your trimester.

There are cats on the premises at the ID HAUS Studio location.

Yoga equipment

Equipment is purchased from reputable sources and is branded. 

Yoga Chairs for Chair Yoga Classes : Maximum recommended user weight is 100kg for yoga chairs, you must take the responsibility to weigh yourself before a yoga class that uses yoga chairs and be sure that you weigh any weight up to 100kg and not above this weight. The seat height is 40.5cm.

Attending a class

• Wear clothing without sharp parts that allows you to move freely.
• Do not eat food for duration of 2 hours before attending a class. Drinking water is fine before, during and after your class. Avoid stimulants and alcohol before and after a class for a few hours. If this contradicts any advice given by your doctor please check with the doctor before attending a class.
• Please arrive a few minutes before the class begins. Once the class has started entrance is not possible because it will disrupt the class.
• It is possible to injure yourself whilst practicing yoga (it is a form of exercise and movement), even if you are practising safely. Compensation is not offered for injuries.



ID HAUS Studios,  BH12 5DY.
From the street there is an open entrance to the driveway. The entrance driveway is tarmac with a block paved border, there is a slightly uneven surface where there is the meeting of different materials. The building is accessed via a raised doorstep (8cm) which you will need to step up onto and a vertical lip on the bottom of the door frame (8.5cm) which you will need to step over. Inside there is a tiled floor, which can become slippery when the weather is wet. When the weather is wet it is essential to leave all wet coats, shoes, umbrellas and bags in the hallway to avoid wetness on the stairs. The yoga studio is accessed via a flight of stairs with a single handrail on one side only, the staircase has a 90 degree turn near the top. The flooring on the staircase is floor paint. Each step is 19cm high and 21cm deep. It is your responsibility to do your own risk assessment as to the suitability of the entrance, stairs, flooring and hand rail to your ability. Compensation is not offered for injuries or loss. Regrettably disabled facilities are not offered. You are welcome to visit the property prior to booking/attending a class to see access at a mutually convenient time. Street parking available.

Iford Golf Club

Other information

Your are responsible for your own belongings, cover is not offered for any type of loss or damage.