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Yoga Class FAQs

1. What clothing should someone wear for a yoga class?

Wear clothing that allows you to move freely without any sharp pieces. For example: Loose fitting clothing without sharp parts. Shorts and a top. Leggings and a T-shirt or vest top. Jogging trousers or a leisure suit. Clean, bare feet or yoga socks that have grip on the bottom are the safest options for yoga.

2. How do I book a yoga class?

Booking is not necessary for the classes at Iford Golf Club, just turn up! Booking is essential for the classes in Wallisdown because classes are small groups. Visit the "classes" link in the top menu and then click yoga classes. Then follow the instructions.

3. Can I cancel a booked class?

Booked classes can be cancelled for a refund up to 48 hours before the class begins.

4. Can I change a booked class to a different date?

Booked classes can be moved up to 48 hours before the class begins.

5. Should I eat and drink before a yoga class?

Leave at least a 2 hour gap between eating food (including fruit juices, lattes, milk and smoothies) and attending a class. Avoid alcohol and stimulants for a few hours before attending a class. Drink fresh water before and during a class. If this contradicts any advice given by your doctor please check with the doctor before attending a class.

6. I am concerned yoga will be too difficult for me, what should I do?

Each yoga posture has "variations" to suit different body proportions and abilities, this makes yoga available to everybody and enjoyable too.

7.Can I injure myself doing yoga?

It is possible to injure yourself whilst doing yoga (it is a form of exercise and movement), even if you are practising safely. Yoga teachers encourage through verbal instruction for practitioners to attempt each pose with correct alignment and then to achieve the posture to a “their comfortable edge” this is where you feel a comfortable stretch and/or balance without pain, whilst keeping a comfortable breathing pattern and do not push past this stage.

8.Will I feel muscle aches after practice?

It is possible to feel muscle aches after yoga without having an injury, some people feel this and some people do not.